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Losing Weight Quickly

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Many of us when attempting to lose weight fast then we naturally reduce our food consumption. To a certain degree this is correct the body must be in a state of “negative energy balance”. So, we need to reduce calories consumption than our body burns each day in order to start losing weight.

But the problem is, many dieters tend to reduce food intake far too much during the initial stages. Sometimes the high levels of motivation and an overzealous ambition to lose weight fast often drives the desire to cut out too many meals almost immediately. Past studies have indicated that when losing weight fast around 65% of the weight lost in the first ten days comes from muscle breakdown and only 35% is from actual fat loss. Cutting food intake sharply sounds like the right idea for losing weight fast. Indeed, many experience a rapid drop in weight but as more people now realize, most of the initial loss is not fat !

We must know, If energy was the only requirement the body needed maybe this would be fine, there would be many more slim citizens amongst us. However, the fact is we also need a daily supply of many nutrients, especially protein. Not only are proteins used as the main structure for muscle they are also needed to make millions of antibodies and the billions of enzymes required for all the chemical reactions within cells, some enzymes also aid chemical reactions that are needed to help burn fat from fat cells. In fact, protein requirements are so important that if intake of quality protein is insufficient the body has no choice but to breakdown proteins from muscle in order to build the necessary enzymes to sustain the metabolism. When protein is broken down from muscle it not only contributes to a lowered metabolism, due to a decrease in total lean mass, but it also helps supply energy to the cell, which should be the role of the stored fat. Therefore muscle protein breakdown causes a short-term and long-term limitation to the amount of stored fat the body can burn off.

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This doesn’t mean you must consume a high protein diet in order to keep losing weight fast. It’s more important to provide the body with a small amount of high quality protein for most meals of the day. Less stored fat is lost when we lose weight fast

Past studies have indicated that when losing weight fast around 65% of the weight lost in the first ten days comes from muscle breakdown and only 35% is from actual fat loss. To stand a better chance of losing a higher percentage of fat weight quickly, you should try to maintain a large bulk of muscle mass while losing weight rapidly. When the body is in a state of negative energy balance the only scientific way to maintain muscle effectively is to train with weights, a progressive weight training program helps develop a need for the body to hold onto more muscle and forces a greater portion of fat to be used when losing weight.

Tips for losing weight fast:
  • Reduce calorie intake by 250-500 per day by substituting most high calorie foods for low fat varieties

  • Keep this reduction going for at least one week or until you reach a weight loss plateau that lasts more than 4 days, then reduce calories by a further 200 per day

  • Provide a little high quality protein with most meals or preferably combine the low fat plant foods together at each meal

  • Start an approved weight training program to maintain muscle and increase metabolism

  • Gently raise the intensity level of the weights program forcing the body to hold onto muscle as calorie intake is lowered gradually over time

  • Perform aerobic activities on the days in-between the weights sessions to help burn fat directly

  • Drink plenty of water all day to maintain energy levels

  • Reduce sodium intake by preparing meals using fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients

  • Never go below 1500 calories per day, simply exercise more often when if this target is reached
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