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How to Prevent Weight Gain as a Vegetarian

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Many people make the decision to become a vegetarian, because vegetarian is known to lead to weight loss. Actually, Not everybody loses weight when they become a vegetarian, however. Due to poor food decisions, many dieters who give up meat actually gain weight.

So, What are vegetarians who gain weight doing wrong ?

There are some things that everybody who is thinking about giving up meat should know to prevent weight gain as a vegetarian :

  1. You must avoid white products whenever possible. That means you should avoid eating rice,bread, and white pasta. Replace all of these food items with whole grain versions, which contain a higher amount of fiber. One of the main benefits that you should know is that whole grain products offer over white products is keeping you fuller longer.
  2. Avoid eat potatoes all of the time. Although potatoes can be a great addition to some vegetarian meals, it is important to make sure that potatoes are not the only thing that you eat. Potatoes can cause weight gain and high cholesterol.
  3. Eat vegetables whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Since you are a vegetarian, this should not be too difficult. However, many people become vegetarians and forget to eat vegetables because they pig out on all of the junk food. Dishes that consist of both whole grains and vegetables will help keep you full and prevent weight gain.
  4. Only eat fruits that are healthy on a regular basis. Although fruit is healthier than other foods that you could snack on, there are certain types which may lead to weight gain. Watermelon, which is very high in sugar, should only be eaten in moderation. Some healthy choices to add to your shopping list include citric fruits and berries.
  5. Limit the amount of junk food that you eat. A lot of people think that they can live off junk food and not gain a pound. Although there are some people who can, most cannot. Keep your potato chips, chocolate bars, ice cream and other treats in the cupboard for special occasions. Eat them every once in awhile, but not all the time.
  6. Buy reduced-fat cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products. Since cheese plays such a major role in the diets of most vegetarians, reduced fat will help save you a lot of calories and fat in the long run. If you eat these products frequently, choosing healthier varieties can prevent weight gain.
Tips & Warnings :
  • Add lots of beans to your diet, as they are very filling due to high amounts of fiber.
  • Non-cream-based soups, such as vegetable soup, are very healthy and filling.
  • Keep in mind that vegetarians can eat more than just salads.
  • Don't be afraid to take vitamin supplements to meet nutritional needs.
  • Be sure to monitor how you feel on a vegetarian diet.
  • If you go on a vegetarian diet simply to lose weight, you may be disappointed.


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